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Text Links

Text that is hyperlinked to another web page. Can be found on web sites or in newsletters and email. Often identified by appearing in blue with a line under it. When clicked on, the visitor will be taken to the page the text was hyperlinked to.

Text links are seen as a vote of popularity for your site from another site indicating that you have relevant content beneficial to web surfers. Many search engines followed suit with this logic and text links are now deemed to be one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. There are certain rules that the link must follow and there are also aspects to a link that will determine how useful and relevant the link is to your website and therefore the amount of weight it carries in the algorithm.

Google use a system called Page Rank to determine the usefulness of your website and generally speaking the higher your Page Rank the further up the search results your website will appear. This Page Rank is directly linked to the number of links you have. If you can get links from higher ranked pages then the link will be considered more valid than a link from a lower ranked site.

For example, if the site of the advertiser offers supplies for pets, then they will be looking for a site that trade in pet supplies, pet shops, animal training, veterinary services, kennels or dog shows.The advertiser should keep the exact keywords, for which they want to get a ranking. Words that are related to the keywords and synonyms are helpful in getting the required results. If the advertiser is putting lots of text link ads, then he may vary the text in order to safeguard himself from being filtered out. A keyword ‘supplies’ would be related to manufacturers, distributors as well as suppliers. An advertiser would ensure that he gets a link from the distributor or suppliers, as well as the manufacturer of the product he is advertising.

Campaign Feature:

You get to select your targeting audience by keywords, channel of interest, locations, day parting target etc.

Your ad will display to relevant websites that are determined by our contextual advertising system.

You can set a minimum bid price and maximum bid price, and budget for your campaign.

You can set your daily spending limit. You can also schedule a specific time and day period to run your ad.

Prospects are brought to your website to make a purchase or learn more about your product/service.

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