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Text Link Advertising

There are a million affiliate programs and advertising networks out there. One of the hottest income streams in the blogging world is Text Link Ads. Basically, it is exactly the way it sounds – you get paid for having text link ads on your site. The price depending on Page Rank and Alexa rank and possibly other things.

Study Case:

The price per link per month for a site with a Page Rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 20,000 is $45 and it took 2 weeks to see the first link sale. An extra $1.50 per day per link sold is pretty good, but selling the maximum of 10 links would be pretty hard. If all 10 Text Link Ads were sold, this website would earn an extra $450 per month on top of its other revenue sources.

Example of Text Links (without description):

text link ads

*Each link would go to a different site.

If you have a web site that offers a product or service for sale (or is an affiliate site), you need Text Link ads to help drive quality and relevant traffic to your site. As a huge side benefit, the relevant and quality text links will help increase link popularity and ultimately boost search rankings for relevant terms.

If you have a web site that offers advertising, Text Links can generate quite a bit of revenue from buyers looking for the quality traffic and the SEO boost possible from such links.

Best Suited Websites:

The higher your Page Rank and Alexa rank, the higher the price is for each link on your site. Well established websites with quality back links earn the most from Text Link Ads. This does not rule out lower Page Rank and Alexa rank sites though, since selling Text Link Ads is an additional revenue stream for your website it can be run along-side any other program. Many website owners are still using text links to monetize their sites, though, some using the no follow tag and some not. Advertising a text link (with good placement) will drive more traffic than a banner normally would.

* Pros:
Best and largest selection of publishers
Large advertiser base
Relevant In-content Links
Privacy protected marketplace
Fast payouts
Script or manual link placement

* Cons:
Strong competition for good links
Confusing site usability


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Ready to start? There are only 4 simple steps for you to take:

Step 1: Setup an Advertiser Account!
To set up the advertiser account, please click Advertise Now and fill in your detailed contact information.
Step 2: Make the Deposit to your Account!
You can make the payment in your account. The system requires only a minimum of $20 to test a campaign. We accept credit card, pay pal, check and wire transfer. Please note that credit card payments require you to complete a cc authorization form which can be obtained in your account.
Step 3: Create the Campaign!
Creating an intestinal campaign is fairly easy. You could just login your account and follow the instruction to create the campaign.
Step 4:Campaign can go Live!
Once the campaign is created, your account manager will call you within the next 24 business hours to verify the information and then your campaign can go live!
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