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Inline Text Ads

Introduction of In-line Text ads

In-line Text ads are CPC links that appear in the text of your content. The links are contextually targeted to keywords in the Ad Networks’ database of advertisers to show relevant adverts. Mouse over of these links will cause a small pop-up to appear showing basic details of the advert and a click from your visitor will take the visitor to the advertiser and reward you with revenue.

In-line Text Ads usually have good CTR as they appear to be in content links and have the additional benefit in that they do not take up any additional prime ad space. A common webmaster compliant for them is the in content links negatively affecting the visitors experience, especially when the contextual engine is not done well by the Ad network.

In Text Advertising Value

The value of In Text Advertising for the advertiser comes from the non-intrusive and highly targeted interaction that occurs. By clicking on the In Text Ad link, the user arrives on the advertiser’s landing page which can be customized according to the specific keyword, the type of content, or any other variable. This enables the advertiser to cultivate a meaningful, timely, and relevant interaction with the user.

The contextual relevancy between the keyword found in the text and the In Text Ad also renders In Text Advertising more informational than most other forms of advertising. In Text links that are purely informational by nature allow publishers to dynamically create links to other related content in their site or within their network which is relevant to their readers. This enables dynamic topical navigation, which provides readers with a cognitive experience of moving from topic to topic in a manner similar to how the human processes contextually related information.

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Reviews on Clicksor Inline Text Link:

Clicksor is a contextual ad network with a popular following. Less strict on restrictions than Google allowing Mature content sites a contextual alternative, proxy sites are not allowed though.

Publishers meeting the requirement can apply to be a Premium Site partner and have access to more options and reporting.

Clicksor offers In-Line Text Ads along with its other ad types.

Ad Rating: We ran the In-line texts with a skyscraper banner. The loading seemed a bit slow but we did not further investigate whether this was due to the banner or the in-line text ad.
Views: We believe that the CTR of the in-line text ads shows how well the engine works and Clicksor ran in at quite a low ratio for in-line text ads. Whether this was due to the relatively short period of time we had the Ad code on our site or maybe they have not optimized their ads for our sites yet, we are not sure but CPC did not seem high neither.

Payment: Paypal, check – bi-monthly – min USD50

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Ready to start? There are only 4 simple steps for you to take:

Step 1: Setup an Advertiser Account!
To set up the advertiser account, please click Advertise Now and fill in your detailed contact information.
Step 2: Make the Deposit to your Account!
You can make the payment in your account. The system requires only a minimum of $20 to test a campaign. We accept credit card, pay pal, check and wire transfer. Please note that credit card payments require you to complete a cc authorization form which can be obtained in your account.
Step 3: Create the Campaign!
Creating an intestinal campaign is fairly easy. You could just login your account and follow the instruction to create the campaign.
Step 4:Campaign can go Live!
Once the campaign is created, your account manager will call you within the next 24 business hours to verify the information and then your campaign can go live!
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