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you have this 500 page website that is fully developed with lots of content and products to offer does not mean anybody knows about it. Advertising can be one of the easiest and quickest parts to your online business, yet so many people overlook its importance. If you want to get the most traffic possible to your website you should use several different online advertising methods. The core of online advertising is acquiring an understanding of the experience that customers want and then finding ways to improve it. The goal of Internet advertising is to drive more customers to your website, to get them to visit your location or make a call about your products or services. The best thing is that it can be very low cost. In fact it is totally free, especially if you advertise by sending out a newsletter or swap links with other sites. In other cases, it can cost anywhere between $100 and $3,000 per month to advertise on popular sites, depending on the ad type.

With forum posting, articles, and videos you are not just spending you wheels with a “one-shot” ad hoping of getting traffic to your website. When you effectively advertise using those top three methods you are essentially creating an ad for your home business website that last indefinitely. Some people regularly get leads for their business and traffic to their websites from forum post, articles and videos that they did a long time ago. Thus, even if one takes a break or a vacation those top three free online advertising sources can still bring you website traffic while on break, compared to other “one-shot” free online advertising places. The forum posting, articles and videos generally remain ever present on the internet waiting to be accessed in accords with what someone is searching for online therefore continuing to bring you website traffic for free.

Through article writing you can use keyword optimization within the article and title of the article, inform people of products dealing with your website in the article, and include a short description of your website and a link to it in the resource box. Once you have written an article it counts as new fresh content on your website, and then you can submit it to article directories or post it on your blog to help attract visitors.

Try and find several forums which are related to your website to post in forum, post every day to keep people informed with what is going on in your business and to continuously display your website link. This way if there are any new people to the forum, they have a chance to see your post as well.

You can use free things to your advantage to help your advertising and draw in more consumers. By posting on your blog, in forums, or sending out a vast amount of emails to people with free promotions such as a free e-book, newsletter, or a part of a 6 article series you will get people interested. After giving away something free, at the end write something saying they can find much of this and more at your site. This displays some of your knowledge and leaves them wanting more.

The last online advertising tip is to make a budget and do some paid advertising. Even if it’s a small amount you should do something besides relying strictly on free advertising. One smart thing to do is to automate one form of your free advertising to enhance it. An example of this would be placing a monthly subscription with an article submission company. Then work as hard you can to get as many articles into the marketplace using that article submission service.


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