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Abbreviation for earnings per click. Calculated by dividing the total earnings from click throughs by the number of clicks. With the EPC metric, you can measure the efficiency of an advertiser’s program and the potential revenue an advertiser may generate for you.

Knowing the program’s EPC can help you budget what a reasonable spend will be if you are planning to use PPC strategies. The idea is to find terms that will cost you less than the EPC to maximize your earnings.
Based on the EPC performance of the program in general compared to how your web properties are performing with the offer, you will be able to decide if your visitors fit the merchant’s offer. Not every offer will work with your website and you may need to rework your content focus where you display this particular merchant’s offer.

Earnings per click cannot be kept very well under control, all that one can do is to create the premises for attracting high-paying ads, but even doing your best in this direction will not bring absolute certainty on a steady high EPC. For sure, there will be fluctuations. It takes into account the following parameters when showing ads of a certain cost:
* Everything related to webpage content: context, keywords, theme
* Quality traffic — sites generating quality traffic will earn more, for the rate of conversion is estimated as bigger.
* The age and size of a site. The Page Rank.

Campaign Feature:

You get to select your targeting audience by keywords, channel of interest, locations, day parting target etc.

Your ad will display to relevant websites that are determined by our contextual advertising system.

You can set a minimum bid price and maximum bid price, and budget for your campaign.

You can set your daily spending limit. You can also schedule a specific time and day period to run your ad.

Prospects are brought to your website to make a purchase or learn more about your product/service.

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