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Click Rate

The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click through. Calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. For example if a banner was clicked on 13 times after being displayed 1000 times, the banner would have a click rate of ( 13 ÷ 1000 = .013 ) 1.3%. This is also commonly know as a banners click through rate.

Click-through rate is important to your account because it directly effects your Quality Score.

Google AdWords and other search marketing platforms offer pricing discounts for ads that offer high relevance (read: make searchers happy with their search engine results). One means for doing this is to offer higher Quality Scores to ads with high AdWords click through rates:

* High click-through rates lead to high Quality Scores.
* High Quality Scores allow you to improve or maintain ad position for lower costs.

Additionally, if you are advertising on relevant queries, achieving a high click-through rate means that you are driving the highest possible number of people to your offering.

A pay-per-click solution for click-through rate, then, should provide you with:

* Targeted keywords to bid on.
* A means of discovering cheaper, cost-efficient clicks.
* Tools and methodology for closely integrating keywords with ad text and landing pages.
* The ability to quickly and efficiently segment Keyword Groups to generate closer targeting.

Campaign Feature:

You get to select your targeting audience by keywords, channel of interest, locations, day parting target etc.

Your ad will display to relevant websites that are determined by our contextual advertising system.

You can set a minimum bid price and maximum bid price, and budget for your campaign.

You can set your daily spending limit. You can also schedule a specific time and day period to run your ad.

Prospects are brought to your website to make a purchase or learn more about your product/service.

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