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The amount of data (text, video, sound, images, animations) that can be moved through an Internet connection. The amount is typically measured in bits per second (bps). A high speed Internet connection such as a cable or DSL modem provides more bandwidth than a 56K dial up modem. Also know as throughput.

Web hosting bandwidth is data transfer and it is the data going through the pipe. Think of it as the water meter on your house that the water utility comes out to check. How much data goes through it depends on what kind of data you are sending and how much traffic your websites get. If you have a standard web site with text and images, then that’s not large data chunks. If your site has things like audio and video files on it, then those are much larger data chunks. When people come to your site to get audio and video files, that’s more going through the pipe and the meter goes up.

There are basically two kinds of bandwidth packages allowed in website hosting plans: allowed bandwidth and unlimited bandwidth. Some plans give you an allowed amount of bandwidth per month and if you go over that amount, then you have to pay extra for it. Other plans give you an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

When you go with a web hosts that offers fixed, allowed bandwidth (usually measure in gigabytes), you are usually getting a website hosts that gives you some kind of management service and has really good uptime, These hosts are usually a lot more reliable. They will also give you some sort of web control panel where you can login and see how much bandwidth you have used for that month. And instead of overages, you can often pay in advance for some added bandwidth if you think you may go over. This will save you some money but you have to start watching it near the end of the month.

If you are looking for unlimited bandwidth, then those hosting plans are often cheaper but their reliability can typically be lower. They sometimes are just going for volume and will fill their servers with lots of accounts in order to make a profit since they are eating their bandwidth costs. These types of web hosting plans are perfectly fine for a lot of sites that are not considered mission critical. So they are a perfect fit for a lot of people and these plans that offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited space are very affordable priced at about $10 per month.

With proper preparation and web site design, you can ensure that you always have enough bandwidth to go around. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) When building a new web site, try to make the pages as small (file size) as possible. There are many free tools
out there that will tell you the size of your pages and can also compress them to make them more compact.

2) When using images on your web site, try not to go crazy – keep the number of images to a minimum. If you must use tons of images, try a .jpeg or .gif compression tool to make the images as small as possible.

3) Make a concerted effort not to offer too many files for download. If for some reason you feel that you need to offer hundreds of downloadable files, try to select ones that are small (1-2 megs) in size.

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